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Individual Services

We have experience with individuals who are just starting their careers to those who are well established in retirement. Whether you are looking to buy a house, planning for your kids education or passing assets to your loved ones, we have experience and are eager to help.
Tax Preparation


Income taxes make up a significant share of an individuals annual expenses and require adequate management and planning.


We are highly proficient in IRS authority so we can accurately prepare income tax returns in conjunction with providing strategies to help clients minimize their income tax exposure. Our goal is to have clients pay the least amount of income taxes the law requires, and no more.

Tax Planning


In some instances tax planning can be just as important as an accurately filed income tax return. Prior to the end of the year we can estimate client income tax liabilites and advise when they should be paid so unnecessary underpayment penalties can be avoided.


In our experience, news of anticipated tax liabilites are much easier to manage than those coming with the completion of the income tax return.

Estate Planning


Estate taxes can have a direct effect on whether assets are retained by future generations, consequently these taxes should be planned for accordingly. The IRS allows taxpayers to transfer money, securities and other assets through the use of trusts, family partnerships, etc. We can discuss a methodolgy that best works for you and implement a strategy so you can retain your family wealth for years to come.



With today's global economy, international income tax issues are becoming more common. Also, foreign investment and increased transparency between nations is enabling US authorities to uncover previously undisclosed financial assets that have gone undetected.


We can help clients navigate the law to keep them in compliance or formulate strategies to get clients who are not in compliance back to where they should be. We feel it is best to address all non-compliance issues immediately while favorable offshore disclosure programs are still in existence.


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