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Business Services

We have experience with start-up companies and existing businesses in a wide range of industries. If you are starting a business, looking to grow from your current position or transitioning your business, we have seen it and will be happy to help.
Tax Preparation


Continually changing legislation and the complexity of our tax system can make it difficult for anyone without proper training to prepare even the simplist returns. Additionally, organizational structure and certain transactions can have significant impacts on income taxes and need to be carefully considered.


Using the proper IRS authority, we will accurately prepare business tax returns and utilize strategies to keep clients in the best possible tax situation going forward. We really enjoy seeing clients succeed and will do everything in our capacity to provide assistance in achieving such success.

Tax Planning


Cash flow is a very important piece of any business, and lack of it can mean trouble in that business' ongoing success. Income taxes are cash expenditures like any other operating expense and should be planned for.


Prior to the end of the year, we can analyze client financial data and estimate a tax liability so paying it is not a problem when the income tax returns are filed. The ability to plan for a tax liability before it is due can save a taxpayer the unnecessary pressure of attempting to obtain last minute funding.



Medical Practices


Dental Practices




Real Estate Development




Retail  and Wholesale Sales


Rental Real Estate


Law Practices


Auto Dealerships


Engineering Firms




Software Development




*Our experience includes, but is not limited to the industries listed above

Accounting Services


Accounting records are the single most vaulable piece of information in determining your businesses financial success. This means that accounting records should be well maintained and transactions accurately reported so accounting records can be easily followed.


We can assist in performing bank reconciliations, adjusting accounts or simply acting as an advisor on specific transactions so accounting records are in the best possible condition at all times of the year.



QuickBooks is a comprehensive accounting program widely used by small to midsized businesses. It can easlily assist clients by generating financial reports, tracking vendor obligations and customer receviables, running payroll and much more. We can assist clients with the initial setup process and with questions after setup so they can shift their focus on other important business matters.



Technology and e-commerce has drastically simplified the process of doing business in other states. Unfortunately, increased opportunity comes with increased compliance requriements. We can review client activities on a state-by-state basis and provide guidance on possible sales and income tax exposure.


Additional state tax requirements may arise when companies have assets or employees who perform duties in other states. This area of the tax law is very broad so we feel it is best to address all possible issues immediately as back taxes and late filing penalties can be significant.



The benefits afforded by e-commerce and a global economy have enabled more companies to expand into other nations and as a result, planning for international income tax issues has become increasingly important. Businesses that have offices, branches and employees in other countries or that are based in other countries doing business in the US all have a multitude of income tax consequences that should be addressed.


International tax law is very expansive and can be overwhelming and burdensome to someone who does not have previous experience. We look forward to working with clients on these matters and coming to solutions that keep you in compliance to ensure your continued success.

Business Consulting


In addition to our tax and accounting services, we also offer business consulting services. We can advise clients when forming a business by proposing an entity and business procedures that best fit their needs. We are capable of providing cash flow projections for large purchases or financing. We also have experience in purchasing and selling businesses, succession planning, buy-sell agreements, like-kind exchanges, entity spin-off's, etc. If you have a business issue please give us a call, we look forward to working with you.

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